• Foundation Speaking Course (35 Hrs) 7000/-
  • DELF A1 (Elementary Level) 13000/-
  • DELF A2 (Elementary Level) 16000/-
  • DELF B1 (Intermediate Level) 24000/-
  • DELF B2 (Upper Intermediate Level) 36000/-
  • School Syllabus Practice ICSE/CBSE(Per Hour): 400-600
    IGCSE/IB(Per 1Hr30): 500-750


Language academy has most experienced faculty for spoken french as well as for DELF test preparation. We also cater to ICSE,CBSE, SSC,HSC and SPECIALISE in teaching IGCSE and IB boards. Our aim is to inculcate and develop the most important and worldwide accepted language FRENCH to our upcomming generation.This course is for people who wish to master and be fluent in both speaking and writing french.

DELF A1 and A2 are french language diplomas issued by the French Ministry of Education. They are valid for life and are recognized worldwide and in line with the Council of Europe’s Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

  • 40+ years of experienced faculty
  • Classes available 5days in week for 1.30 hrs
  • Well-structured program inline with international standard
  • Learn French easier through English or hindi
  • Access to the best learning materials, practices and tips
  • Learn French grammar and vocabulary
  • Activities and exercises
  • Multimedia Notes


Both A1 and A2 are is a 50hr course each and include speaking, listening and writing.

Course Content:

For DELF : ( A1, A2, B1, B2)
Listening and Speaking : On parle français!
● Introduction to stress, accent & intonation
● Symbols consonants & vowels with illustrations
● Interpretation of texts based on question-answer.
● Reading comprehension of unseen pages
● Identifying the context & the central idea
● Vocabulary & word formation :

Writing and Reading : Ben.. J’écris en français….!
● Basic Grammar
● Verbs & Tenses
● Exercise on the use of different grammatical constructions in context
● Identification of the use of the above given grammatical devices form different texts like newspapers, poems, stories etc.
● Conversational words & phrases
● Asking and answering questions, order & suggestions
● Writing postcards, emails and letters
● Writing Welcome Speech & Vote of Thanks.
Essay Writing : Narrative, Descriptive, Imaginative.


French helps while travelling to francophone countries such as Switzerland, France, Canada and Algeria among others as it is the native language of these countries. It also opens up opportunities for higher education at some of France’s best-known universities (the Sorbonne, Pierre Marie Curie University, etc.) or elite grandes écoles (HEC, Polytechnique, ESSEC). Students with a good level of French may be eligible to apply for a French government grant to enrol on a postgraduate course of their choice in France, leading to an internationally recognised postgraduate degree.

CBSE/ ICSE/ SSC from Standard VI to Xth (as per NCERT Syllabus) once a week for 1hr
IGCSE from Standard IV to Xth (including oral and pronunciation practice) once a week for 1hr30

The course is carried out as per below:

1. Listening : Introduction to stress, accent , intonation & pronunciation
2. Comprehension :Reading comprehension of unseen pages , identifying the context & the central idea, interpretation of texts based question-answer , interaction among students.
3. Vocabulary & word formation : From different texts & dictionary.
4. Basic Grammar : Gender and form , verbs and tenses
5. Practice : Exercise on the use of different grammatical constructions in context.
6. Writing skills : Writing postcards, emails and letters , Essay Writing: narrative, descriptive, imaginative


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